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ADE Partners Consulting

ADE Partners works collaboratively with clients to assess the implications and opportunities arising from the convergence of customer, technology and societal changes. In light of such a review and analysis of the current business performance, ADE Partners helps clients to conceptualize and to design the transformed organization, as well as to implement their transformation journey. 

Our services include strategy workshops, current state diagnostic, transformation program design and implementation, coaching and training.


Our Team


Antonio Urquiza, Founder and Principal | 1-404-313-1519

Antonio Urquiza is a business consultant and a Principal with ADE Partners, LLC.  Throughout his consulting career, he has worked with a variety of organizations across many industries to help them improve business performance.  He holds BSc Mechanical Engineering and MBA degrees.  He is also the author of the book “The Agile Digital Enterprise – Applying the Business Transformation Canvas to Reinvent your Organization”, released in Jan 2020.

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